IBS Europe

IBS Europe



  • is an insurance wholesale broker and underwriter.
  • is specialized in the creation and assembling of packages which comprehend different guarantees.
  • provides his service to third parties in Luxembourg, Belgium and France.
  • takes care of the distribution of large companies’ products, which are not established in particular countries. 

Please contact us:  +352 26 31 06 11 or +32 4 259.76.72 /  / http://www.ibseurope.com


As an insurance wholesale broker we create and assemble our own products hand in hand with leading companies on the insurance market. For further information about our products (All in One, Famiprotec, Immoprotec, Juripass, Condictio,…) , please visit our website http://www.ibseurope.com

Our particularities :

  • a close relationship with many leading companies of the insurance market in Belgium, Luxembourg and France
  • the assembling of a multitude of guarantees in one unique package (unpaid rents guarantees, fire/house insurance, legal protection, Assistance, etc.) in order to avoid duplication!

As a Partner of your office, we offer you our service and specific solutions :

  • regarding coverage abroad (Luxembourg, Belgium, France).
  • regarding complex risks you do not manage to insure.
  • regarding any type of insurance: we strive to offer you the right insurance product that fits your clients’ needs.

Last but not least, we offer you the possibility to use our Back Office in order to have more time to reinforce your customer relationship. We take care of the administrative tasks such as the establishment of quotes, contracts, additional clauses, etc. 

Accepted payment methods :

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