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Rental agreement: drafting and online legal follow-up. Certified and lawyer-updated contracts - a simple, free and innovative solution.

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Legal automation of your rental agreement
LeBonBail provides you with a free dynamic online form to draw up your leasing agreement.

The legal and practical management of the lessor-tenant relationship
Both parties to the contract then receive:

  • legal alerts and sample documents at the terms of the lease (indexation, termination...);
  • help in the follow-up of their legal obligations (diagnosis, inventory of fixtures, insurances);
  • advice and practical information for the tenant while moving in.

LeBonBail Pro: the real estate professionals' legal solution
The real estate professional is enabled to:

  • personalise the leasing agreement with his logo;
  • provide the customer with an extra service;
  • be immediately informed at the term of the lease;
  • dematerialise the drafting of his own contract (white label).

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