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Develop customer loyalty, develop your portfolio, and boost your revenue with ImmoCaution®

Insurance broker

As an insurance broker you are constantly faced with growing competition from bank-insurance, online insurance agents and insurance companies. In addition to the competition, you are also burdened with all the bureaucracy imposed by your insurer partners, which devolve more and more administrative tasks from you.

Become a distributor partner of ImmoCaution® and benefit from numerous advantages.

Fill up your offer to limit customer loss

Complement your product offering with a product that was primarily sold by banking institutions; that way you will no longer be in competition with a bank, because you know how to offer solutions to all the demands of a tenant.

A tenant no longer needs to ask his bank for a bank guarantee, and the broker is no longer in competition with the bank in offering solutions.

Boost your revenue

ImmoCaution® is an innovative loss leader:  In Benelux, 24% of households rent their homes on average, which suggests that 24% of the customers in a broker's portfolio should be tenants who have taken out tenant's risk insurance, is that the case in your business?

If the answer is NO: the ImmoCaution® product is the solution.
If the answer is YES: You have 24% of your customers who could be interested in our product and to whom you can offer the products and generate more revenue.

ImmoCaution® is easy, practical and rapid, not just for the policyholder but also for the broker.

Sold 100% online.

Thanks to our innovative and efficient computerized tools, the selling process is 100% online and requires no administrative work you.  We offer you free of charge the option of installing an iframe on your web site, where your customers can sign up directly. If you do not have a website, we provide you with a personalized link to our site.

The insurer's analysis

Thanks to the insurer's in-depth analysis of the tenant's applications, the broker perpetuates his portfolio with a better quality of clients, which should thus result in a lower claims rate on the whole portfolio.


Our offer:

Benefit from Eurocaution's good brand image and national advertising campaigns.

We also put at your disposal our expertise and computerized tools and we help you in your communication campaigns by providing innovative material and tools.

Market the rental guarantee surety insurance product under your own brand.

Eurocaution offers its partners the possibility of distributing rental guarantee insurance under its own brand (white label solution). In this particular instance, Eurocaution only acts as a back office platform for its partner.

Become a partner of Eurocaution Benelux

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